Evergrande unveil Fabio Cannavaro as “executive head coach”

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Fabio Cannavaro To Replace Marcello Lippi At Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club

Former Italian captain Fabio Cannavaro has left West Asian side to coach Chinese giants from the 2015 season, taking the pitchside position from his former national team coach, Marcelo Lippi.

At a Guangzhou Evergrande press conference, Lippi clarified that he would remain as “head coach” of the club, while training and daily team affairs would be handled by the new “executive head coach,” Cannavaro.

“There might be some misunderstanding about what I said before,” Lippi said, speaking of his announcement to step away from his coaching post. “No, I’m still the chief director and the head coach of the team. I’m just not going to be on the pitch every day.”

Lippi will regularly review the team’s development and, rather than stand in the technical area at games, he will watch from the stands. The appointment of Cannavaro also gives Lippi more flexibility with family matters, allowing him to travel home to Italy on a more regular basis.