Japanese and Indian FAs announce partnership

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The Football Association officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the All Football Federation (AIFF) on Tuesday, its 10th such agreement with football associations from around the world.

The one-year partnership, which could be extend to as long as three years, will see the two FAs exchange information on coaching development, academy operations, grassroots development, and professional league operations and marketing.

“I am honored that the JFA has taken this decision to have an MOU with us,” AIFF president Praful Patel told reporters at the signing ceremony in New Delhi. “We have a long road ahead and I am very grateful to our Japanese friends for agreeing to this deal.

“Japan is one of the best examples for Indian Football to follow. [Not long ago] Japan were not one of the powerhouses in football but since then, they have build themselves and are now among the best teams in Asia.

“With their cooperation we can also achieve what they have done.”


Additionally, the JFA will provide a coach for India’s women’s national team in order to help raise the level of women’s football in the South Asian nation.

The JFA has similar agreements in place with FAs in France, Spain, Singapore, Germany, Tajikistan, the UAE, Jordan, Vietnam, and Iran.