FIFA threatens PSSI sanctions over Indonesia Super League row

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FIFA Executive Committee Meeting

could be suspended from world football if the Super League (ISL) conflict between Football Federation () and Ministry of Youth and Sports remain unresolved, have warned.

In a letter on Friday, FIFA stressed that there should not be any interference from a third party to revoke the PSSI’s decision – as an independent body – on its top tier league.

The Indonesian Board of Professional Athletes (BOPI) recently prevented two clubs, Arema Cronus and Persebaya Surabaya, from participating in the ISL after failing to meet the club legality requirement.

“As we understand, the reason for preventing the clubs’ participation is that BOPI seeks to impose criteria additional to those imposed by PSSI that need to be met in order to participate in the ISL,” the FIFA letter read.

“We also [remind BOPI] that the third parties should refrain from putting additional pressure on PSSI as this will be construed as interfering which in turn could make sanctions a possibility.”

FIFA in recent years have been forceful in advocating for independent football administration, with Asian countries such as Kuwait and Brunei both facing the wrath of the governing body for what they termed interference – in this case BOPI to PSSI.


However, Indonesia’s sports minister Iman Nahrawi has defended the government’s actions.

“If FIFA continuously discredits our government then the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia is breached,” he said. “They need to be careful with their statements before making a judgement without an accountable and objective base.”