Indonesian clubs plan breakaway league as Super League postponement continues

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PSM Makassar players participate in a training match

18  clubs have revealed their plan to break away from the competition as the dispute between the country’s football federation () and the Indonesian government continues.

The government had previously suspended the PSSI and sought to take over the national league under their newly-formed ‘Transition Team,’ a move the clubs object to.

“We have held a meeting between 18 clubs regarding this plan and they are ready to participate (in the breakaway league),” PSM Makassar director Sumirlan told reporters. “The new league will keep the clubs in existence because we don’t want to continue our participation in the [Super League] under the supervision of the Transition Team.”

A potential breakaway league would be the second in Indonesian football in the last five years; between 2011 and 2013 the Super League was an outsider rival to the PSSI-backed Indonesian Premier League, which folded following a unification of the two competitions to avoid FIFA sanctions.

But clubs remain hopeful that the government will restore power to the PSSI, allowing the delayed Super League to restart.

“Obviously we will urge the government to let the national league continue under PSSI,” Sumirlan added.

At a protest held in downtown Makassar, PSM captain Syamsul Chaeruddin echoed the director’s sentiments.

“All we want is that the competition take place,” the former Indonesian international told the Tribun Timur.