PSSI abandons Indonesia’s national competitions

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The Football Association of (PSSI) has decided to abandon all national competitions in 2015, including the Super League and second division Divisi Utama, after a long dispute with the country’s Ministry of Youth and Sports.

The drastic move came as a result of the government’s decision to suspend the PSSI last month following an ongoing conflict between the association and the government-backed Indonesian Professional Sports Agency (BOPI).

The Indonesian government had attempted to take over administration of league, which has been postponed three times since January, under a newly-formed ‘Transition Team’, but that moe was rejected by participating clubs.

“We decided to stop the competition because of force majeure,” PSSI Deputy Chairman Hinca Pandjaitan said in a press conference.

“In this situation, we can’t continue the league without the government’s approval and we want to apologise to the Indonesian people.”

The announcement could increase the possibility a previously-discussed breakaway league formed by Super League clubs, raising the likelihood of FIFA stepping in to resolve the conflict.

PSSI officials sought to ensure fans that despite the announcement, the association continues to oversee preparations for joint World Cup and Asian Cup qualifiers as well as the .

“We still work on the national teams preparation for the upcoming events as long as FIFA did not suspend us,” Pandjaitan added. “We will continue our international agenda.”