Prince Ali: I will stand again if asked

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bin Al Hussein, who last week unsuccessfully attempted to unseat President , has said he will stand again if member associations around the world ask him to.

The Jordanian has instantly become the most obvious man to replace Sepp Blatter in many people’s eyes after the 79-year-old Swiss shocked the world when he announced his intention to resign overnight.

Speaking on CNN’s Amanpour program, Prince Ali said the news of Blatter’s resignation came as a surprise to him.

“I’m in the service of football, I love the sport, I always have. We have to wait and see what happens. This was news to me as it was to anyone else.”

The former FIFA Vice President was initially reluctant to declare if he would stand again, but when pressed said he would do so if he was asked.

“Well, I have to talk to (the) national associations and see how they feel about this. I think it’s a bit early, but definitely if they want me to do it I will do it.

“I think it (reform) needs to be done from within. I understand that and I will do my best, my only concern is we have to be aware of the possibility of deals being made.

“For me, I will stand and I will fight for the rights of every member association in any case. I have to be careful about this, I don’t want to see FIFA going down the wrong way again.”