Indonesia hit by match-fixing allegations at SEA Games

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Another bombshell has hit Indonesian football as number of anti corruption watchdogs on Tuesday claimed that U-23 team were allegedly involved in a match-fixing scandal during their campaign.

The accusations referred to the Garuda Muda squad’s matches against Thailand and Vietnam in the later stage of tournament, where they lost with a heavy 5-0 defeat respectively.

The case began when a man identified as BS, who claimed to be an Indonesian gambling bookie revealed that match-fixing practices had been committed by the help of active and former PSSI officials, coaches and players.

BS also provided a recorded telephone conversation with his Malaysian counterparts identified as DAS, regarding Monday’s match, which later reported the matter to the National Police’s crime investigation division.

However, the Football Association of [PSSI] president La Nyalla Mataliti has dismissed the accusations and insisted that his team’s losses to Thailand and Vietnam was due to quality differences.

“I can confirm that the PSSI will not keep quiet about the match-fixing allegation. The PSSI will take the legal path to fight against the slander,” said La Nyalla was quoted by Antara.

It is not the first time allegations of match-fixing in Indonesian football have emerged. According to the member of the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation, Muhammad Isnur said that it becomes a common things happened since a decade ago.

“Our football has been controlled by the mafia. Even before the league starts, there have been scenarios [to deploy the match-fixing practices],” he revealed to Tempo.