Former coach McMenemy praises Azkals’ performance

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The Philippines' players celebrate their victory against Bahrain after their Asia Group H FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying football match at the Philippine sports arena in Marilao, on June 11, 2015. Philippines won 2-1.  AFP PHOTO / TED ALJIBE        (Photo credit should read TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)

After winning 2-1 against Bahrain in a surprise fashion, the replicated their good form when grabbed another 2-0 victory over Yemen in the and 2019 Asian Cup campaign on Tuesday.

Former coach was pleased with the team’s performance against Yemen at Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium Qatar, said that they deserved to win with a new high-possession football system under current coach Thomas Dooley.

“I think that was the most complete performance from an Azkals team in quite awhile,” the 37-year old tactician told CNN Phillippines.

McMenemy, though, pointed out that there is still a plenty room on the Azkals’ tactic need to be improved, particularly in set pieces and finishing touch as they wasted many chances from those two situations.

“I think that were the things that we can that we can certainly improve on for our next games in the qualifiers,” the Scottish coach added. “Set pieces can be crucial, they can decide a game one way or another.”

“It’s great dictating the tempo, it’s great being able to keep possession. But when the final ball isn’t good enough, and there were too many times in the first half when they get themselves into good positions and it’s just that final pass.

The victories helped Thomas Dooley’s side move into joint top Group H table with North Korea. With the good displays, McMenemy believes that the Azkals are headed in the right direction for the better future.

“”I think we’re starting to see the evolution of a new Azkal team,” he claimed. “It’s a step above where we’ve been in the past.”