Brisbane Roar receive Australian FA warning over unpaid wages

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Football Federation Australia (FFA) has condemned over unpaid wages as the embattled club’s financial issues continue to rise up to the surface.

It was revealed on Tuesday that the players and staff of the side were reportedly not received their wages in June and the FFA has urged them to find an immediate resolution.

“Football Federation Australia is aware that Brisbane Roar has some financial issues,” said the spokesperson.

“FFA stresses that the non-payment of players and staff is unacceptable and needs to be resolved urgently by Brisbane Roar.

Meanwhile, the PFA, the players union for the A-League, has also taken its serious concern over the Indonesian-based Bakrie Group owners’ cash flow crisis.

“Professional Footballers Australia continues to monitor the situation of non-payment of players’ wages at the Brisbane Roar,” a PFA statement read.

“This is a matter of serious concern and the PFA has been seeking an immediate resolution. It is completely unacceptable, with the situation at the Roar further highlighting the players’ concerns regarding the good governance of the A-League.

“Over the history of the A-League players have consistently been the victims of poor governance and the PFA will continue to seek reforms to ensure the reputation of Australian football is enhanced and that its governance is the world’s best.

“The security of player payments is fundamental to this and the players will continue to advocate for contract security to ensure that no players goes unpaid.

“The PFA will continue to support the players during this difficult time and commends them on their professionalism in the face of adversity.”

Roar later issued a statement regarding their unpaid wages case, which read: “To be completely transparent, since the sudden departure of the managing director last month we have uncovered very serious financial liabilities.”

Previously, an internal letter sent to Roar staff was leaked, which stated that the Bakries as investors have promised to inject a further $3.5 million into the club’s balances but it has not yet been received.