JDT give trial to Malaysian-descendant duo Gunter and Somerville

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Sam Somerville with another half-Malaysian Junior Eldstal

have given a trial to Malaysian descendant duo and after being spotted training with the Southern Tigers squad.

Gunter, a 22-year-old half-Swiss midfielder, currently plies his trade for FC Wiedikon in the seventh tier of the Swiss league. He has a connection with through his mother’s side, from Sarawak.

While the 20-year-old English-born goalkeeper, Somerville revealed that his Malaysian heritage comes from his grandmother’s side whose originating from Kedah.

The two players are currently trying to impress at Larkin Stadium, as the club reported on their official site, hoping to join the last season’s Malaysian Super League champions in the upcoming transfer window.

Since both Gunter and Somerville have Malaysian heritage on their blood, they could potentially receive Malaysian passports and don the Harimau Malaya jerseys at the international level in the future.