Le Cong Vinh ‘honoured’ to be named among top 5 SEA players to play in Japan

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2014 Suzuki Cup

In a recent interview with Vietnamese media, international forward shared his thoughts on being named among top 5 Southeast Asian players to play in Japan by Football Channel Asia.

“I am honoured to receive this recognition. It will be my motivation to even try harder.” said the striker.

The 30-year-old striker is currently with his national team to prepare for the friendly game against Manchester City and relishing that the chance of playing with the English giant would be a huge boost for Vietnamese football. He pointed out Southeast Asian teams like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia can benefit from playing against European clubs who visit the region every summer.

“I think they earned benefit from them [international friendlies with big clubs from Europe],” he continued. “With the highest level of football, Arsenal, Manchester United or Liverpool bring a lot for them to learn.

“Although are a bit late for having that, but it’s still early enough for us to learn from the biggest teams in England.

“Manchester City game would be a big hit, I suppose.”