Chief organiser admits Manchester City friendly in Vietnam a loss

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The chief organiser of last week’s exhibition game by in says that he incurred big financial losses, despite a near sell-out crowd.

The chairman of the SHB Bank, Do Quang Hien, reportedly spent the equivalent of more than US$1.8 million for the 2013 Premier League champions to play in Hanoi.

Manchester City beat a Vietnam XI 8-1 before almost 40,000 fans at the My Dinh National Stadium on July 31.

“Man City mentioned strict conditions in the contract, especially ‘force majeure’, which said that the match would be cancelled if any of their footballers were injured or sick,” Hien told

“They proposed that we should buy insurance for the match and my assistant was struggling to find an insurance partner in Asia, but failed.”

Hien added that he incurred additional expenses on security, medical and logistical fees but didn’t regret the decision to bring Manuel Pellegrini’s side to . He failed to specify the total amount of money he lost.

“I was aware of a loss but this was a good chance to train our footballers to build up a professional football club that can earn revenue and support themselves,” he said.

“The match met fans’ expectations as they filled the stadium on the final match. Many Vietnamese footballers realised their dream to play with their favourite players from Man City.”

Manchester City open their 2015-16 Premier League campaign at West Bromwich Albion on Aug. 10.

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