Mohammed Jaddou, a Syrian refugee who dreams to play for Real Madrid

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Mohammed Jaddou Syria

A Syrian young footballer , who is considered as one of the brightest footballing talents in Asia, has been forced to leave his country due to civil war.

Jaddou is the skipper of national youth team that qualified for the U-17 World Cup this year in Chile, but unfortunately he could not take a part in that tournament as he now is living as a refugee.

Jaddou and his family currently live in a small village in southern Germany after embarking to leave their homeland on a terrifying two-month journey.

“Sometimes while we were training (in Syria), we used to see the missiles landing, and witness clashes between the army, the regular army and the free army,” he explained.

As a refugee in Germany, Jaddou, who started his footballing experience at the age of eight with Syrian club Hutteen, has an unclear resident status.The situation which means he is unable to be offered a contract despite being courted by some of the Bundesliga clubs.

Today, Jaddou is training with Ravensburg, a team who play in Germany’s fifth division, where many players have made the step up to play for higher levels.

“We decided to invite him without knowing what to expect,” said Markus Wolfangel, coach of the club’s U-19 team, as he watches Jaddou train. “We were very surprised from his performance.”

Jaddou’s ambition is clear after having given and sacrificed so much already on his life. He dreams of one day becoming a football star in a top European club like .

“My dream is to pay for Real Madrid. I dream of becoming the best football player in the world,” he revealed.

“It is not just a dream, it is an aspiration. Many people dream with no fruitful results. But for me, I intend to make this dream come true.”