Australia need to get back after loss

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’s surprise 0-2 World Cup qualifying loss to was a massive learning curve, midfielder said, with the Asian champions needing to be more cautious in future to avoid conceding counter-attack goals.

The underdogs went top of Group B after second-half strikes from Hasan Abdel Fattah and Hamza Al Dardour handed them victory in Amman on Thursday, as the Socceroos suffered their first defeat of the campaign.

“The counter-attack is a bit dangerous for us. We handled that really well in the past games and today I didn’t think we were as good at handling two chances,” Luongo said.

“We won’t steer away from where we’re trying to go with our football, it’s just we might be a bit more cautious. We know what can hurt us now. It’s a massive learning curve today.”

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