Johor Darul Ta’zim president urges FIFA to investigate Malaysian FA

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Johor Darul Ta’zim president Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim has asked FIFA to investigate the Football Association of (FAM).

The crown prince of the state of Johor accused FAM’s officials of being self-serving and has called the world’s football governing body to take a serious observation.

“Maybe FIFA should question them or something like that as it is not healthy,” the 31-year-old told Reuters.

“Nobody is interested in moving forward or bringing football to another level, but everything is interested in their own sake and position.

“Most of the clubs are handled by politicians and they all want to play safe. You can see Fifa is a mess now and that is what has happened in other associations as well.”

Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim is known for his vocal voices in an effort to reform FAM, having previously ran for the presidency in last year but lose to Tengku Abdullah Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah. He had also served as an advisor to Ahmad Shah but left the position after just two months following a refusal on his proposals.

His proposals also discussed about the share on majority of broadcast revenue for the games in Malaysian football which is not passed on to the clubs.

“By right, in every league in the world every club participating should have 90-95 per cent of the broadcasting rights that would help them to have their own youth development project, improve infrastructure and have a quality team,” he explained.

“But the problem is FAM only gives 22 percent to the teams, so each team will only get one million ringgit while FAM enjoy the chunk of 47 million.

“By right, it should be given to the club. What FAM is doing is basically stealing the money from the club and the world have to know that. It is wrong.”