Dutch defender Danny van Bakel wants to represent Vietnam

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After gaining Vietnamese citizenship, Netherlands-born defender has expressed his desire to play for the national team.

The 32-year-old completed documentary work which allowed him to have dual citizenship in the Netherlands last week. He will fly back to Vietnam to complete his procedure in accordance with Vietnam’s policy.

Van Bakel was really happy after picking up the Vietnamese citizenship, announcing he would be glad if given an opportunity to play for the Golden Stars in the future.

“I have lived and worked in Vietnam for the past 5 years and everything was so wonderful. I’m living my dream and it would be great if I’m given an opportunity to play for the Vietnam national team, despite it would be hard due to VFF’s policy,” the Dutchman said.

“I know I want to say to my boy someday I’m a Vietnamese international, and I will guide him to be a great footballer to succeed his dad’s dream.”

Van Bakel is a former PSV player. He joined in 2011 and played for in the next season. He spent the last two seasons in which made him one of the best foreign players in the country.