Jordan suspends coach Paul Put amid match-fixing allegation

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Over the past days the Football Association Executive Committee has conferred over the developments with respect to the latest ruling of Belgian Court of Appeal against National Team head coach Paul Put’s and the effect it will have on the team’s campaign.

In light of all these developments in Put’s case and based on the official documents that the Jordan FA received from the concerned parties, the FA Board on Monday concluded the following:

“The Jordan Football Association appointed Paul Put as head coach for Jordan Men’s Senior National Team in June 2015.

Put’s three-year ban from football activity in Belgium was lifted in 2011. And although he worked as a head coach for two National Teams before taking charge of the Jordanian National Team, the Jordan FA received an approval from FIFA to guarantee and ensure the validity of his appointment.

However, and based on the latest ruling of Belgian Court of Appeal in Paul Put’s case; The Jordan FA has decided to suspend Paul Put from his duties with immediate effect.

A final decision will be taken upon receiving further clarifications on Paul Put’s legal status.”

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