Irfan Fandi signs for Home United

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Promising local striker has signed for S.League club Home United, according to a post on the club’s Facebook page.

The 18-year-old will be part of the Protectors’ 2016 squad, joining the likes of Ken Ilso and Juma’at Jantan for the upcoming season. He returns home following a stint at Chilean top division club Universidad Catolica.

“Irfan Fandi will bring power and pace to the Protectors’ offensive line but more will be the done as the coaching staff will look to maximise his potential during his time here,” the club wrote.

According to a November article by FourFourTwo, Irfan turned down an offer to stay with the Chilean club to fulfill his National Service commitments.

“The club actually offered me to stay and sign for them,” the teenager told FourFourTwo. “But I thought that if I stay there and they give me like a four-year contract, I still have to come back and serve NS – that will be a waste. So I’ve decided to at least finish NS first, then go back after I finish the two years.”

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