Jermaine Pennant to sign with Tampines Rovers

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Former Arsenal and Liverpool winger Jermaine says he has rejected more lucrative offers from South Korea, Australia and Malaysia, and is poised to sign for Singaporean side .

‘You can expect some news either later today or tomorrow,’ the Englishman, who turns 33 on Friday, told local daily newspaper Today on Wednesday.

The newspaper said Pennant would be taking a 70 percent pay cut to join ‘the Stags’.

‘The monetary hurdle has been crossed long ago. I knew before I flew here I would have to take a big pay cut but you must look at the bigger picture,’ Pennant said.

‘If you do well for the S.League and Singapore football, you will be rewarded in different ways and, in the long run, it may be a no percent pay cut.

‘Furthermore, there are other things here in Singapore that I value much more than money,’ he added, citing the wealthy Southeast Asian city-state’s low crime rate, cleanliness and lack of language barrier.

‘The minute I got here, it was in the media and a few teams from South Korea, Australia and Malaysia got in touch,’ Pennant added.

‘In fact, they offered much more than what I could possibly get here in Singapore. But the chairman has a project and I am happy with it. So, sorry to the rest but I am staying in Singapore.’

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