HKFA fined for booing China national anthem

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Hong Kong Fans WCQ China

The Football Association has been fined again by for booing the national anthem – though football’s embattled world governing body couldn’t even announce the punishment without creating confusion as to what game they were referring.

The fine of 10,000 Swiss francs (HK$77,150) was handed out for booing the anthem before the home game against China in November, the HKFA said.

But Fifa earlier published a table of global disciplinary measures that mentioned a 10,000CHF fine for booing the anthem during “CHN vs HKG” – which by convention of listing the home team first would refer to China v Hong Kong in Shenzhen in September.

The Hong Kong FA has repeatedly pleaded with fans to respect the national anthem, but admit there is little they can do to prevent protests.

Hong Kong have previously been warned by Fifa for booing before a home qualifier against Bhutan, and warned and fined 5,000CHF for a repeat at home to Qatar.

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