New format confirmed for AFF Suzuki Cup

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AFF Suzuki CUp 2014

AFF announced at its meeting that the new format for will be applied soon, starting with the 2018 edition.

The nine highest-ranked teams will qualified to play in the tournament, and the 10th and 11th ranked teams will play in a two-legged qualifier.

At the group stage, the 10 qualified teams will be split into two groups of five teams each. The teams will play one another in a home-and-away, round-robin format. Each team will play four matches, two at home and two away.

There will be a draw to determine where the group stage matches are played. The semi-final and final stages will be played in a two-legged format.

AFF said after several editions of the tournament, the current format is considered ineffective in attracting a large audience. Any group stage matches that do not feature the host or co-host country often failed to attract big crowds to the stadium.

There has also been feedback from many national football federations, saying that supporters of each national team want to see their beloved footballers playing on home soil.

The new format is created from the feedback, and it is said that it has received support from the sponsors.