Indonesian club Arema Cronus wants to sign a Nepalese player

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The Indonesian club general manager said he and the coaching staff are scouting on a Nepalese footballer, however he refused to name the player in question.

The player’s agent claimed that his client is the captain of Nepalese national team, according to news sources. In recent years, there are three Nepalese players who was chose to bear the armband, namely Anil Gurung, Sagar Thapa and Biraj Maharjan.

“I’ll have to watch the videos first, to see what kind of player he is. He is said to be a great player, captain of Nepalese national team. I’ll have to see first”, Ruddy Widodo said.

“At the moment we don’t have a lot to talk about the player, but if he’s good then certainly I’ll talk to the coach. This applies for all foreign player bids”, the manager explained.