Japan Olympic coach Teguramori warns players against gambling

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In the wake of bans handed to badminton players over casino gambling, ’s Olympic soccer coach said Monday he will warn his players of the dangers facing them.

Speaking at the Japan Under-23 training camp in Shizuoka Prefecture, Makoto said that the potential for trouble with gambling was a problem.

“I will tell it to them straight,” the head coach said.

“There are many social temptations and they still lack decision-making power. This could happen (in soccer).”

Because of his gambling at casinos, which are illegal in Japan, the world No. 2 men’s badminton player, 21-year-old Kento Momota, will be unable to compete at this summer’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Teguramori said he was taken back by the news of Momota’s involvement.

“He was a player people were watching, someone from whom we expected a lot,” the coach said. “He was representing Japan but didn’t understand what he must not do.”

Via: Japan Times