FIFA Director insists China will be able to organize a World Cup

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During the 2016 SportAccord Convention, Yutang Sports, as the only media partner within mainland , were able to interview FIFA Director Walter Gagg. He shared his suggestions about how could grow its football industry in a faster and more sustainable way.

He said: “China is absolutely a coming football country, not only since Mr. Xi Jinping, President of P.R. China’s setup of the aims and targets for the future of the sport in China, but also before, football in China is something tremendous. We know millions of millions of football players are directly involved in the game. Youth, boys and girls, and the tremendous popularity of our game in China made that already in 2002, China was qualified the in Korea and Japan.”

“China actually have good football, but not yet the quality of football they need to become a world-class team. This is not yet possible. They have excellent club football. They have not only Evergrande, Scolari the Brazilian coach, and Coach Erickson in the Shanghai [SIPG]. But we’re convinced that in a few years, through the good organization of youth football, they will have more and more outstanding youth players, becoming outstanding international players from China. I’m convinced that in the future of football, in this part of Asia, China will become one day a very, very good team, not only for Asia, but for the world.”

Via: Yutang Sports