Thai clubs want to sign Syria national player

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Several Thai clubs are aiming to sign the Syrian attacker , according to reports.

After Nasouh’s impressive performance in 44th King’s Cup, many clubs in Thai League are showing their interest in the 22-year-old Syrian striker of Al-Wahda.The player’s representative claimed that they are considering his option to move to Thailand.

Nasouh Al Nakdali is chased by several Thai League clubs. We will not reveal the names but many of them offer us the great deal. He is unfamiliar with Thai football so he is considering about each club.” claimed Al Nakdali’s representative.

“No final word now. He is open for the offers for other clubs. We will choose the best and suitable club for him. He is young, physical and eager. He has confirmed that he want to play in for the second leg.”

Nasouh Al Nakdali has played for national since he was 19. The striker has helped his national team to secure the third place in 44th King’s Cup at Bangkok and attracted the eyes of Thai League scouts.