Sardar Azmoun in court battle with Rubin Kazan

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Two teams and one rising star are in heat of court battle in Russia these days. The controversy is surrounding , Rubin Kazan’s Iranian striker, who was loaned out to FC Rostov in 2015-2016 season.

Sardar had time of his life at FC Rostov last season with nine goals, being selected in Best 11 of Russian League, and securing a Champions League playoff spot. With final days of his loan contract at Rostov looming, the Team Melli striker did not seem interested in returning to Rubin Kazan. Refusing to participate in Rubin Kazan’s training sessions and friendly camps, the young prospect instead joined Rostov squad in Austria for their friendly match against Trencin. In a public appearance on a TV show in , the 21-year-old did not hesitate to name Rostov his team next season.

However, Sardar’s refusal to participate in Rubin Kazan’s training and playing for Rostov in pre-season games have angered Tatary officials. The Russian giant has officially filed a lawsuit against its player to FIFA. If proven guilty, Sardar could face as long as a 2-year suspension.

New developments have also emerged that Sardar’s contract with Rubin Kazan includes a clause, in which if a team offers the predetermined amount and Sardar Azmoun accepts the offer, Rubin Kazan, would have to accept the offer as well. It has also been indicated by several sources that Rostov have already made an offer to Rubin Kazan to sign the Iranian, and Sardar Azmoun has also accepted the offer amount. As Rubin Kazan refused Rostov’s offer, Sardar Azmoun through a Sport Lawyer has also filed a lawsuit against Rubin Kazan to FIFA.

Without direct involvement, FIFA has reportedly suggested Rubin Kazan and Rostov officials to hold a meeting on July 13th to ratify the contract dispute. Without any agreement between the two clubs, Sardar Azmoun’s situation will be scrutinized through FIFA investigation until FIFA’s ruling.

For now, while many players have secured their transfers to new teams and are training in pre-season games, Sardar Azmoun’s future is in limbo. Whether, he will join Champions-League qualifying team, Rostov, or face a suspension, we will know in coming days. Whatever happens though, if he would need to return to Rubin Kazan next season, he will have to deal with the club and fans’ hostility.