Thai League may add ASEAN players to foreign quota next season

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SEA Youngsters

Thai Premier League (PLT) clubs are studying a proposal to change its foreign player quota — a move that will create new opportunities for Southeast Asian footballers.

According to PLT deputy CEO Benjamin Tan, the league is in talks with its clubs to introduce a mandatory ASEAN foreign player quota from next season.

Currently, each of the 18 PLT clubs are allowed to register five foreign players in their squad, of which at least one must be a player from an Asian country.

Under the proposed changes for next season, out of the five foreign players one must be from an Asian country and another must be from South-east Asia.

This means players from Singapore and neighbouring ASEAN countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam will have more opportunities of playing in .

“The idea of having ASEAN players as part of the foreign player quota has been ongoing for quite some time now,” revealed Tan, 40, who was the Football Association of Singapore’s former deputy director of development and planning. “We are discussing this idea with PLT clubs to see whether it is feasible to bring in an ASEAN player into their squads.”

The Singaporean added: “I believe that if you bring the best players from countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, (the regional flavour) will certainly help to boost the following of the and also bring in a number of potential sponsors.”

Widely regarded as the best professional football league in the region, the PLT enjoys sell-out crowds regularly, with big games attracting more than 25,000 fans.

Via: Today Online