Timor Leste U19 coach: We have the ability to beat Malaysia

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proved that in football nothing is predictable when they beat 3-2 in the crucial game of Group A of the AFF Vietcombank Under-19 Championship here at the Vietnam Youth Football Training Centre.

The win was Timor Leste’s first in the history of the competition dating back to 2005.

“It is not easy to predict before they game that we will beat Malaysia,” said Timor Leste head coach Shigeo Yamazaki.

“We have the ability and I told the players that they will just have to work hard and look for the holes to score and that was what we did today.”

If there was anything that was predictable today it was that the Malaysian team was unpredictable. They did just enough to win two matches previously but this time round, Timor would present a totally different set of problems.

In the meantime in the second game of the evening, Singapore held out to beat the Philippines 2-1 to ensure that they still have a fighting chance for a place in the next round of the competition.

Via: AFF