Henrique Calisto: I don’t intend to coach any V.League club at the moment

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Portuguese manager has been in since September 21, in a trip to watch his former club Long An to play an important play-off match against Viettel on September 23.

After leaving Vietnam in 2011, the former Golden Stars coach had short stints with Muangthong United, Pacos Ferreira and Libolo. However, Henrique Calisto said he’s not currently coaching any club.

“I haven’t coached any club recently. In the last two year, I’m doing my work as a pundit for Portuguese newspapers and television channels”, the coach told Vietnamese media.

“I don’t intend to coach any V.League club at the moment. I love Vietnamese people and Vietnamese football, but I’m quick-tempered and straight-forward, so I’ll decide very quickly. In Vietnam, there are people who like me a lot, but there are also people who hate me. It’s difficult to work here”, the former Long An manager said.