Laos coach Sivisay may leave the post after 2016 AFF Cup failure

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XXX of XXX [action] during the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Round 2 - Group G match between South Korea and Laos at Hwaseong on September 3, 2015 in Hwasung, South Korea.

Missing out on playing in the Final Rounds for the first time in the history of the tournament may simply be too much for . And the person to bear the brunt of the blame may be coach Veunsavanh Sivisay.

When asked about the team’s next assignment, a very candid and disappointed Sivisay said the team was down to participate in the Solidarity Cup next. “After this (AFF Suzuki Cup qualifiers) we will play in the Solidarity Cup, but I don’t know, maybe there will be a new coach will be appointed to replace me because we did not go to the Suzuki Cup. It depends on the football federation (Laos Football Federation)”

“If the schedule had Cambodia as the last game, it would have been good for us. Playing the first game was tough as we were under pressure, also from the huge crowd. You could see in the first game, our players did not do well but the second game and also the third game, very good.”

For the record, since the qualifying rounds were introduced in 2006, Laos have always made it through to the final rounds. Prior to that Laos had featured in every edition of the tournament since its inauguration in 1996.

Via: AFF