Yoon eyes E-1 final for Korea Republic after Hong Kong rout

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While fans of the women’s national team might not be blamed for clearing their travel plans in December 2017, head coach Yoon Deok-yeo is only focused on the team’s upcoming climax against Chinese Taipei.

The Taeguk Ladies are now clear favorites to advance to the final round of the Women’s Tournament after their 14-0 defeat of hosts in the second round of qualifying.

“There was a slight difference in the quality of our opponents compared to the first match against Guam,” Yoon said after the rout, “However, our players understood our tactics and played very well, so we’re satisfied with the result.

“Since we started our training camp in Korea we’ve been focusing on Chinese Taipei match,” he added, a nod to the skill of Monday’s opponents who have also picked up two wins. “We’ve been confident and we’ll do our best to achieve our goal (of qualification).”

His defeated rival, Hong Kong coach Chan Shuk Chi, did not shy away from admitting that her young and inexperienced squad were far from perfect on the pitch.

“We didn’t expect a big loss, but I fielded a lot of young players today and we can accept some mistakes for their first time,” Chan said. “The two penalties and two own goals showed a lack of experience, but (it’s good that) they earned that experience today.”

The tournament hosts will be hoping for a consolation victory when they face Guam on Monday.