Yoon praises Korea Republic players for incredible performance

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women’s team head coach Yoon Deok-yeo expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance at the Round 2 Women’s Tournament following successful qualification for the final round.

The Taeguk Ladies won all three matches by big margins, scoring 36 goals and conceding none.

“I want to thank the players who performed really well in the hot weather,” Yoon said after his team’s 9-0 victory over on Monday in 30-degree temperatures.

“In 2015, we finished in second place, and ahead of next year’s tournament we want to play against stronger teams so we can be better prepared,” he added.

His counterpart, Chinese Taipei coach Masayuki Nagira, expressed disappointment with the result, a sour finish after two wins to start the round.

“We could have played better, but on the whole, we’re still at a lower level than Korea Republic,” Nagira said. “Compared to the last tournament we scored more goals.

“We need to defend better in order to progress to a higher level.”

Korea Republic will join defending champions DPR Korea, China and hosts Japan in December 2017, marking the sixth straight time they will have participated in the competition.