RECAP: EAFF E-1 Football Championship Round 2 Men’s Tournament

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Following the conclusion of the tournament in , here’s are Football Channel Asia’s takeaways on what we have learned from the four participating teams. (Text: Chung-Lan Cheng)


The deserved victors were the best quality team of the round, showing great performances in all three matches and balanced abilities on both sides of the ball.

Perhaps most impressive was the team’s speed, a key factor behind their three clean sheets. A DPR Korea player was always available to swoop down on the ball whenever it came into their defensive third.

On the attack, their fast-paced style frequently took the opposition by surprise. By taking the early lead in all three matches, DPR Korea pressured their opponents to respond before switching back to the strong defending that has flummoxed much stronger sides in recent years, an effective strategy that paid dividends.