RECAP: EAFF E-1 Football Championship Round 2 Women’s Tournament

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Following the conclusion of the tournament in , here’s are Football Channel Asia’s takeaways on what we have learned from the four participating teams. (Text: Chung-Lan Cheng, Dan Orlowitz)


Yoon Deuk-yeo’s team were obvious favorites heading into the tournament and their trio of blowout wins only confirmed that they were head and shoulders above their competitors.

Across three matches, Korea Republic allowed two shots, only one of them on target, while taking 93 shots, 56 of those on target, on the way to scoring 36 goals – a conversion rate of nearly 39 percent. Top scorers Lee Geummin and Jung Seolbin netted five goals apiece, aided by a tremendous MVP performance by Lee Min A.

That a team as talented as Korea Republic would need to qualify for the final tournament is a testament to the depth of talent in East Asian women’s football. But with the dominant Nadeshiko Japan in the early stages of a long-overdue rebuilding process, the Taeguk Ladies will have an opportunity to assert themselves as one of the top powers in Asia next year, beginning with AFC Women’s Asian Cup qualifying in April and ending with the EAFF final in December.